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When you visit Bahía de Kino you must sign up for the excursion to Isla Tiburón that departs from Punta Chueca.

Tiburón Island is the largest in Mexico and is protected as an ecological reserve by the Seri community and the federal government. The island is part of the Flora and Fauna Protection Area of the Gulf of California Islands, which includes the Islands of San Esteban, Turner and Patos.

Although Tiburón Island was inhabited in the past, it is currently only occupied by a military installation. However, it continues to be a sacred place for the Seris who organize the excursions that depart from Punta Chueca, where the closest community is located.

Although at first glance the island looks like a huge rock separated from the continent by a three-kilometer strip of sea called Estrecho del Infiernillo, the place has interesting natural attractions such as the Sierras Menor and Kunkaak, which cross it almost its entire length to end both. in the beautiful Tecomate Valley.

The island is the habitat of some 64 species of marine plants, more than 200 types of birds, as well as reptiles, amphibians and fish.

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